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Welcome to the Custom K9 Dog Training website. Our goal is to help the average dog
owner have a happy, healthy well mannered, and well balanced dog.

Dogs need exercise, both physical and mental. With our unique combination of basic
obedience work and the application and understanding of dog psychology, your dog will
become a Good Citizen (AKC registered) and a great companion.

Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, we at Custom K9 believe every dog should be
familiar with the basic commands.

For problem dogs, whether it's aggression, over-exuberance or lack of confidence, our
unique method can help modify unwanted behavior.

Custom K9 believes in making you the "Pack Leader." We will show you how to earn your
dog's respect giving you a closer bond and a better relationship with your dog.

Custom K9 offers customized programs;
  •    Fitness & Fun
  •    Confidence building
  •    Group and private lessons
  •    In-home training and more

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