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Boo Boo, Rene, Hooch, Allison & Leo
Allison & Rene Hofstetter have been married for nearly 17 years.

Allison is a Connecticut native who relocated to the Washington, DC area in the 90s. Rene
is from Schaffhausen, Switzerland. He moved to the US in 1999.
Always loving a challenge and an adventure, the two set off for California.

Allison & Rene were educated about dogs through a K-9 Police School, "Master K9" in
Riverside, CA. Dan LaMaster, their mentor, is regarded as a top Schutzhund, obedience
and Search and Rescue Instructor, in the US and abroad. They studied under him for
almost five years. During this time, working at both a kennel and a veterinarian hospital
helped to give their education greater depth.

After moving to Arizona in 2005, Allison & Rene opened their own business, The White
Mountain K-9 Camp, a dog boarding and training facility. Nearly four successful and busy
years later, the east coast was calling them; It was time to move closer to family and friends.

Allison & Rene look forward to the challenge and the fun in working with you and your dog.
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