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Kathy & Licorice
Testimony from Kathy Ashley, Show Low, AZ 928-251-4606

Allison and Rene Hofstetter are fantastic dog trainers and people trainers, too.

Our dogs were running the show. Licorice, a large retriever that we adopted at seven
months of age, was more than we could handle from day one. It wasn't safe for us to take
him off our property. He became property protective and aggressive. Annie, a slightly
smaller cattle dog that we adopted as a puppy, was somewhat easier. She naturally loved
people and other dogs. Her forte was instigating trouble for Licorice.

When I learned that K-9 Camp was offering a dog training class in our subdivision, I
immediately signed up Annie. I was afraid to enroll Licorice. I felt that he would be
dangerous to the other dogs.

The first class was a people only class where we learned what to expect from the class. We
each discussed our dogs that we would be bringing to class the following week. I mentioned
that I would be bringing Annie - the better of our two dogs. Everyone in the class chimed in
that I should bring the "BAD" dog.

A couple days later I phoned Allison and told her more about the problems that we were
experiencing with Licorice. I asked if she and Rene could come to our house and evaluate
Licorice to see if they felt that it would be safe to take him to class.

Allison and Rene arrived at our place on Sunday afternoon to see the real Licorice bearing
his teeth, growling and snapping at them. Miraculously, they weren't scared off. Allison and
Rene took charge and showed Licorice that his actions were not acceptable and would no
longer be tolerated. They explained to us what we need to do rein in Licorice and get
control of the situation.

The following Wednesday, Licorice and I went to class, my husband and Annie signed up. It
was a wonderful experience for both of them. He proudly displays her "Best in Class"
diploma in his office.

Today Licorice and Annie go everywhere with us. They go to the park, lake - even just to
the post office. They're also a joy on long trips. None of this would have been possible with
out the help and guidance of the Hofstetters and K-9 Camp.

Kathy Ashley
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