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Rosa, Amber & Smokey
Testimony from Dave & Laura Denali, Nutrioso, AZ

We were referred to Allison and Rene Hofstetter by our vet in January 2008. At the time
we had three young energetic dogs who were running our household: a five year old
female black Lab, Rosa, a three year old female Shepard - terrier mix adopted from the
shelter, Amber, and a two year old male Pit - bull mix, Smokey. Rosa and Amber were not
getting along and had begun to fight. Smokey got along fine with everyone but his energy
level contributed to the negative situation. After a fight where, Laura was inadvertently bit,
we knew something had to happen but did not know what. We were told to put Amber up
for adoption by everyone except our vet who recommended we talk with Allison and Rene.
We decided to try their training methods. For the next two months the three dogs and the
two of us worked on basic obedience training. During that time Amber, Rosa and Smokey
alternately stayed at the Hofstetter's kennel for intensive training. Amber is a very high
energy dog and when we adopted her from the shelter she was anxious and lacked
confidence. Smokey, who we found abandoned on the side of the highway also lacked
confidence. The training and attention received from Allison and Rene helped us and the
dogs become more confident.

From the first day back when Amber "stayed" unattended for ten minutes while David
brought our equine into the barn to yesterday when all three dogs healed off leash while a
coyote yipped at them from fifty feet, we have been very pleased with being able to not
only keep Amber in our lives but also expand what we can do with our "pack."

Four months later we have happy well adjusted pack thanks to all the fantastic work
Allison and Rene did with us and our dogs. They helped us establish ourselves as the
pack leaders and gave us many tools to use to keep our pack stable and happy. While it
is a lot of work on our part, it is well worth it. We are incredibly grateful for all the help
Allison and Rene gave us. They are extremely knowledgeable about training and were
very caring and attentive to our dogs. We admire their dedication to the work they do with
dogs and owners.


Dave & Laura Denali
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