Custom K9
Dog Training
Torreon Golf Club, Show Low, AZ
Joe Long, General Manager
Phone: 928-532-8000

The Management of Torreon Golf Club has been pleased with the dog obedience classes
provided by Allison and Rene Hofstetter of White Mountain K-9 Camp, as part of our
community outreach and education program. All sessions have been conducted in a
professional manner with lessons progressing in a logical, cohesive order.

The teaching techniques that Allison and Rene use are based on traditional methods used
to train military and K-9s. They show a complete understanding of how to teach these
methods and class members demonstrate a high level of success with their pets at the end
of the course. Most impressive is the degree of patience and understanding Allison and
Rene exhibit in working with the more difficult animals. In class everyone is provided with the
individual attention they need to be successful with their pet's training.

Torreon has received only positive feedback from our members and the public who have
taken the White Mountain K-9 Camp's dog obedience training class. We hope to continue
our partnership with Allison and Rene and be able to offer the classes as long as there is a
demand. Allison and Rene are truly dedicated to showing dog owners how to have a
stronger, more satisfying relationship with their canine companions while teaching their dog
behaviors that help them lead a happy and more fulfilling life.


Joe Long
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