Custom K9
Dog Training
A positive change in behavior can happen with a little work
and dedication. Where there's a will, there's a way.
* All dogs must be current and have proof of vaccination
Group obedience class

One of our most popular classes, this 10-week series of classes will help you to
master your handling skills. In addition to you will learn all the basic commands plus
We will build a solid foundation of obedience and reliability (through positive
reinforcement without treats). Many common problems will also be addressed and

You will gain all the tools and skills you will need to help you stay relaxed and in
control of your dog under any circumstance.

Your dog must be at least five months of age. Before the 10-week program begins,
you will be asked to attend an orientation so that you will understand what will be
expected of you and your dog.

Cost of the 10- week program: $150.00