We graduated the regular class and now go to the advanced classes. My German Shepherd is a Velcro-girl, she has to be near me or see me all the times. We have progressed to the point where she will stay on a down while I go out of her sight. I did not think that would ever be possible. The classes and training are the best I have been to. I have had 5 Shepherds, but never one like current spoiled girl.

Dianne Ryan

St. Augustine, FL

I have been using Rene and Allison’s services for over 6 years. I started with their basic classes and have continued with the advanced classes. I am not sure who enjoys it more, me or the dogs.  Everywhere I go I get compliments on how well-behaved my pups are. I couldn’t have done that without Custom K9. I wouldn’t trust my dogs with anyone else. I recommend them highly!

Lisa, Solomon and Maddux

St. Augustine, FL

Allison and Rene at Custom K9 were the perfect trainers for our nearly 2 year old Rottie. When we got him he was too big to not be well behaved. He’s amazing and we get compliments on his behavior wherever we go! Highly recommend!

Heather and Bear

St. Augustine, FL

Rene and Allison,

Wanted to take a minute to pass on a very sincere thanks for the comprehensive and focused attention you provided Maggie (a Weimaraner Rescue Product) and the other trainees and handlers throughout the ten week Novice Obedience school. It was a genuine pleasure to watch, especially as I did from the sidelines, the manner in which each of you carried out your tasks, individually and as a team. Not only did you consistently demonstrate your skills as trainers in dog obedience fundamentals, you carried out those responsibilities with exceptional sensitivity for the personal interests of each owner. I, for one, would have never thought that Chris, a young seventy at that, would have gotten engaged to the degree that she did during each of the classes. Both of you, on numerous occasions, provided Chris (and the others, as well) with all of the tools to ensure a vibrant and socially constructive relationship between the owners and their pet. Thank you, ever so much, for your patience and encouragement. I’m glad that our paths crossed. If I have any regret at all, it is that I will miss the graduation exercise. Thank you again for your professional demeanor and personal thoughtfulness, and providing an exceptionally friendly training environment.

Len Rzepczynski

St. Augustine, FL

I don’t know what we would have done if we hadn’t found Custom K9 Dog Training.

Our Great Dane puppy “BK” was doing well with clicker training but when he was 5 months old he was attacked and bitten in the face while boarding at another facility. From that point he started being leash reactive to other dogs and our trainer didn’t have a solution for us. I researched various tactics without success. At that point “BK” was getting big enough that he was hard to control when another dog was in his sights. Our walks were stressful to say the least. 

I found Custom K9 and registered us for the 10 week Basic Training. Allison and Rene are amazing trainers. From day one expectations were set and each week we learned a new set of skills to practice at home. I believe “BK” benefitted from the no nonsense environment and the group setting with other dogs. Since graduating from basic training in 2019 we attend the Advanced Plus weekly training which incorporates a review of basic obedience, advanced training skills, and agility. BK loves these training days. 

We also use Custom K9’s Boarding Facility and Wednesday Day Camp. We know that all dogs there are vetted for their ability to get along with others before being allowed to join the group fun. There is a huge yard that they use to run and play in.  Knowing that BK is being watched over and well cared for by the owners (whom he adores) is a great comfort to us. BK is now 4 years old and he loves going to Custom K9 to play with all the other dogs. It is his social time.

My walks with “BK” these days are much more enjoyable. He is less reactive to other dogs and on the occasion when he does react I am confident that I now have the training and skills to diffuse the situation.

Nancy Prevatt

St. Augustine, FL

Rene and Allison,

I can’t thank you enough for donating your expertise towards educating the staff of the HSWM. By showing the staff how to work with the dogs as pack leaders you help us to help the dogs be more adoptable. This will also help the staff lesson the daily psychological stress on the dogs.

I look forward to continued visits by you as your schedule allows. My goal is to have all the staff trained to be good calm, assertive pack leaders when dealing with our shelter dogs.

Thank you again from the staff and dogs of the Humane Society of the White Mountains.

Anna-Marie Rea

Executive Director, Humane Society of the White Mountains, Lakeside AZ

The Management of Torreon Golf Club has been pleased with the dog obedience classes provided by Allison and Rene Hofstetter of White Mountain K-9 Camp, as part of our community outreach and education program. All sessions have been conducted in a professional manner with lessons progressing in a logical, cohesive order.

The teaching techniques that Allison and Rene use are based on traditional methods used to train military and K-9s. They show a complete understanding of how to teach these methods and class members demonstrate a high level of success with their pets at the end of the course. Most impressive is the degree of patience and understanding Allison and Rene exhibit in working with the more difficult animals. In class everyone is provided with the individual attention they need to be successful with their pet’s training.

Torreon has received only positive feedback from our members and the public who have
taken the White Mountain K-9 Camp’s dog obedience training class. We hope to continue our partnership with Allison and Rene and be able to offer the classes as long as there is a demand. Allison and Rene are truly dedicated to showing dog owners how to have a stronger, more satisfying relationship with their canine companions while teaching their dog behaviors that help them lead a happy and more fulfilling life

Joe Long

General Manager, Torreon Golf Club, Show Low, AZ

We were referred to Allison and Rene Hofstetter by our vet in January 2008. At the time we had three young energetic dogs who were running our household: a five year old female black Lab, Rosa, a three year old female Shepard – terrier mix adopted from the shelter, Amber, and a two year old male Pit – bull mix, Smokey. Rosa and Amber were not getting along and had begun to fight. Smokey got along fine with everyone but his energy level contributed to the negative situation. After a fight where, Laura was inadvertently bit, we knew something had to happen but did not know what. We were told to put Amber up
for adoption by everyone except our vet who recommended we talk with Allison and Rene.
We decided to try their training methods. For the next two months the three dogs and the two of us worked on basic obedience training. During that time Amber, Rosa and Smokey alternately stayed at the Hofstetter’s kennel for intensive training. Amber is a very high energy dog and when we adopted her from the shelter she was anxious and lacked confidence. Smokey, who we found abandoned on the side of the highway also lacked confidence. The training and attention received from Allison and Rene helped us and the dogs become more confident.

From the first day back when Amber “stayed” unattended for ten minutes while David brought our equine into the barn to yesterday when all three dogs healed off leash while a coyote yipped at them from fifty feet, we have been very pleased with being able to not only keep Amber in our lives but also expand what we can do with our “pack.”

Four months later we have happy well adjusted pack thanks to all the fantastic work Allison and Rene did with us and our dogs. They helped us establish ourselves as the pack leaders and gave us many tools to use to keep our pack stable and happy. While it is a lot of work on our part, it is well worth it. We are incredibly grateful for all the help Allison and Rene gave us. They are  extremely knowledgeable about training and were very caring and attentive to our dogs. We admire their dedication to the work they do with dogs and owners.

Dave & Laura Denali

Nutrioso, AZ