Programs and Pricing

A positive change in behavior can happen with a little work and dedication. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

* All dogs must be current and have proof of vaccination

Next Basic Obedience group class 

Orientation: Saturday, July 27th
@ 8:30 AM

Class Starts: Saturday, August 3rd
@ 8:30 AM 

*10 Saturday classes in all for $250. Cash or check only. Contact us through Facebook or text/call 904.692.2220 for details

Group Obedience Class

One of our most popular classes, this 10-week series of classes will help you to master your handling skills. In these classes you will learn all the basic commands plus we will build a solid foundation of obedience and reliability (through positive reinforcement without treats). Many common problems will also be addressed and overcome.

You will gain all the tools and skills you will need to help you stay relaxed and in control of your dog under any circumstance.

Your dog must be at least five months of age. Before the 10-week program begins, you will be asked to attend an orientation so that you will understand what will be expected of you and your dog.

10-week program: $200

Private Lessons on Property

1 Dog
First Private Lesson  $80
Follow up Lessons   $65

2 Dogs
First Private Lesson  $110 total
Follow up Private Lessons $95 total

In-Home Training Program


Overnight stay, training sessions, and socialization.

Per day/night: $65
Please contact us for longer stays

Advanced Obedience & Fun Class

This class is for dog/handler teams that have reliably mastered the basic commands of obedience. In addition to working more difficult problems such as “out of sight long stays”, “drop on recall”, and beginning off leash work, this class will add the fun and challenge of agility tunnels and jumps. Practical needs will be incorporated as well. Traveling up a ramp into a car and having good manners at the dining table will be practiced, along with other basic good citizen skills. Class meets at the Custom K9 facility.

American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen test (CGC)

Is your dog well-behaved and a good Citizen?
The dog that successfully fulfills these 10 requirements will receive a Canine Good
Citizen certification from the AKC:

    1. Accept a friendly stranger
    2. Sit politely for petting
    3. Appear clean and well-groomed
    4. Walk on a loose leash
    5. Walk nicely through a crowd
    6. Sit and down on command and stay in place
    7. Come when called
    8. React calmly to another dog
    9. React calmly to distractions
    10. React calmly when separated from owner

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Aggressive Dog program

We have had many years’ experience in handling and rehabilitating aggressive dogs. After an evaluation, we will rehabilitate your dog and show you how to discourage unwanted behavior toward dogs or persons.

The program is conducted at our training facility and can be as brief as one or two private lessons or can last as long as needed. Training at our facility will include socializing and integrating your dog with our own Custom K9 “pack.” Not only will your dog’s behavior improve, but you will build your dog-management skills as well.

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 *Discount for Military